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The way to my house by car

Mapcode: 9 605 486*71 9 605 486*71 

Address: Sapporo-shi Nishi-ku Hassamu 7-jo 5-chome 6-23


From the New Chitose Airport

Take the Hokkaido Expressway from New Chitose Airport. Approx 3 km, 7-10 mins from Shinkawa 新川 IC.


From Otaru direction

Take the Sasson Expressway. Approx 2km, 3-5 mins from Sapporo Nishi 札幌西 IC. ※That will change depending on the traffic situation

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Free Parking Space

The carport area, if desired, the back of the carport area can be used to park two cars together.

During the winter (January to March), only one car can be parked.

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