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From New Chitose Airport 新千歳空港

You can take rapid trains called "Rapid Airport" 快速エアポート from New Chitose Airport to JR Sapporo 札幌 station.

Y's Stay is located in a 5-minute walk from JR Hassamuchuo 発寒中央 station. It is the third station from Sapporo, directly access in 8 minutes.

Rapid Airport

Directly connected to the underground floor of the Domestic Terminal of New Chitose Airport!


No need to step outside or get caught in the rain.

*Only 10 minutes from the International Arrival Gate to the Ticket Gate.


Trains run every 15 minutes during the day

The Rapid Airport is always standing by at the New Chitose Airport. Departing every 15 minutes during the day


How to get to Y's Stay

Route ①

Rapid Airport usually terminated Sapporo station and you have to transfer to Local or Semi Rapid train for Otaru or Teine in order to come to Hassamuchuo station. But some Rapid Airport terminated Otaru/Teine stop Kotoni - one station before Hassamuchuo.It is Route ②

At Kotoni station, you can transfer trains for Hassamuchuo. 

Or you can take a taxi at Kotoni station, it takes about 6-7 minutes by taxi to my house Route③.  



There also are a few Rapid Airport that stop at Hassamuchuo station directly from the airport. It is very convenient, but they are very few.

See the time table on the following pages.

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